How turning the T.V. off and the Laptop on changed my life

The weather was warm, and so was the social scene.  I remember those quintessential southern nights, on which flies would brave the rim of our mason jars, just to get a hint of sweet tea reprieve.  I would sit on the downtown strip and watch head lights blaze in like beams of hope, and tail lights fade like red-angry memories.  Even in what must have been the middle of a modern Twain novel, I still felt an already familiar detachment; to everyone.

Fast forward. The air is softer and its conditioned.  My college apartment became a friend in sharing its quirks and shortcomings;  cabinets too few, counters too short, and walls so bare. I had simplified my vices to the patriotic; T.V. food, clothes, etc… Until…

God decided to give the power of my life back to me.

I quickly made the decision to take the power away from anything I felt consumed the consumer.  Naturally T.V. was first to go.  That red-buttoned remote become more like a red-eyed vex standing between myself and what had to be the REAL ME.   I quickly sought out that je ne sai quoi .  No. I quickly sought out purpose.  I only sought to give power to things which I felt returned it back to me with increase.  I found my fingers dancing across the keys of my archaic laptop, and realized I had to get connected.  I cleaned up my social media and got to work.

I began to force myself to tweet at least two positive or constructive thoughts per day; without regard to how they were received by my community. Rapidly, the pace of my tweets and the quality of my thoughts increased.  I would turn over in the morning having fresh vitality and inspiration.  I eagerly to poured myself out for all of my twitter-sphere to see.  The effect was nothing short of uplifting.

It’s almost funny how what we produce tends to find its way to the nearest, most appropriate outlet.

It is accepted, in romance that opposites attract.  However, in building connections we tend to seek out others like ourselves.  As I began to shift toward a professional tenor on my Twitter page, I noticed the types of followers I attracted held more of those qualities as well.  Without realizing it, I had broken into an entirely new-to-me community.  I began to get quality follower-ship   from business people, executives, entrepreneurs, and authors of the sort.  I quickly realized the need and the market they represented: Positivity

Today we aren’t satisfied with material compensation or quantified growth.  There is something instilled in this generation of young-professionals that seeks QUALITY. We are uncompromising about it as well.  It is apparent to us, that previous generations may have, at times, seen actual moments of integral compromise as little more than the cost of doing business with a world that required of us, sacrifice.

Today more than ever before a cultural revolution is sweeping the business sector, small and corporate alike.  And through recognizing what we need as individuals, we are better able to see what the professional world needs to do for its perpetuation.

  1. One size fits all is done.
  2. Comprehensive action plans are STANDARD.
  3. Its’ no longer JUST about the money.
  4. culture begins on the individual level.
  5. Call Zuckerberg. The term Suc-cess needs a new profile picture.    

We are the millennial’s, and we’re here to carry you forward.